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Keep yourself & others up to date with only the information you care about. 


Sometimes you just want the latest information without having to wade through application screens or web pages. Unite Dashboard allows you to select and keep up to date on specific types of content such as stocks, weather or package tracking.  Think of it as a "Pinterest for Live Content". 


Information shared in other messaging applications can quickly become stale. Stop flipping between apps and just add content directly to your conversation! Now information works for you, rather than the other way around.  

Available Now

Stocks, weather and USPS package tracking are available today, but we're just getting started! There are thousands of types of content we plan to make available over time. We'd love to know what information you would like to see in Unite.

coming soon 

Enterprise & SaaS Providers

Unite enables you to increase the engagement of your user base using your existing content. Using standards-based APIs makes integration with Unite easy and fast.
Dashboard cards can be customized to match your branding and customer interaction requirements.
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